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"When the student

is ready,

the Master appears"

Ancient Proverb

Origin Unknown





Dr. Henri L.M. van Schaik, Dutch Olympic medalist and international dressage judge, performs a classic shoulder-in on his Spanish stallion.

 (Photo courtesy of Dr. van Schaik/BEA Archives)


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Stephanie leads the ride (above left) during a lesson at Nuno Oliveira's  school in Portugal. Above, she schools her horse in piaffe under the Master's direction, and (far right) works on obtaining light, uphill, engaged tempi changes at home. Their efforts were rewarded with a surprise celebration (left) and dedication by the Master  (far right).   Photos copyright BEA



Nuno Oliveira, known worldwide as "the Master,"  schools  piaffe  on a  Lusitano-Arab  stallion at his school in Portugal.

(Photo copyright Stephanie Grant Millham)





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Video at left: Training one tempi  flying changes with one hand.

Stephanie Millham riding, Nuno Oliveira instructing.