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Like most classicists of the last century, our school horses have all grown old and retired. While we train our next schoolmasters, lessons are currently available only on client's own horse.

Travel  is approximately within a one-hour radius of the Warrenton, VA area. For other locations we will be happy to schedule a clinic on request.

We are currently an instructional facility only. We no longer take outside horses in training, nor do we breed or train horses for sale, or act as sales agents. Our focus is solely devoted to education.





"The cuyer is the one who knows how to remain humble and who, through his professional honesty, will know how to make his student a friend."

Nuno Oliveira






                    About the Images

"Your horse is your mirror." Stephanie teaches a clinic (top right) and warms up Raindrop (above left) in a soft, relaxed manner for a VADA Grand Prix freestyle. Above right, in his late twenties, he still shows the athletic topline of a classical schoolmaster.

Past and future schoolmasters, at left:  Lady, one of our beloved PRE mares, enjoys retirement with her adopted Lusitano filly. (All photos copyright BEA)

Icon at right: The renowned 18th century Portuguese master, the Marquis of Marialva, whose academic equitation became known as the "Art of Marialva."